Welcome to WoolPRO

A New Reason to Wear Merino
From Dusk to Dawn
Integrated Wearable LED Tech
Cool to Cold Weather Protection
Integrated Safety LED
Explore. Be Safe. Stay Warm.
Make. Innovate. Explore.
WoolPro product is designed, developed and manufactured to perform better, look better and feel better than anything else on the market. We spent years developing new Merino fabrics (Cool Knit 135 and Hi-Vis Merino) and new Merino technologies (ActiveSeam). We knit, dye and sew all of our products ourselves.
Imagining, Designing, Building Better Merino Apparel
New Fabric, New Sewing Technology + Wearables
Make your day endless

Making things is our passion, specifically making amazing wool things. WoolPro is a vertical operation, we do everything but raise and sheer the sheep. We MADE a new Merino material designed especially for hot weather (Cool-Knit 135). We MADE our Warm Wool Merino using a new type of Merrow ActiveSeam stitching that makes seams disappear. We challenged ourselves to MAKE an amazing Merino product that would keep us and our families safe when we go exploring (Merino Hi-Vis). AND we do it ALL in house! Everything that you see is imagined, prototyped and MADE by us.

We have created our own Merino knit, you can't find this anywhere else. We have created our own stitch for the seams in our products, you can't find this anywhere else. We have designed our garments to fit differently. We have created an entire class of SAFETY Merino. INNOVATE: means pushing boundries, taking risks, and trying lot's of things. We don't copy. We Create.

Stop researching clothing, get outside and EXPLORE. We build products to be used, to be worn, to make you forget about clothing and fall in love again and again with your world. We require it. Will you look good in a WoolPro shirt, probably. Will it make you lighter, more comfortable and smell better than everything else in your pack, probably. But It means nothing unless you're out there doing your thing. We build these products that help you get out earlier, stay out later, and forget about gear. Go. Get off the computer and start Exploring.